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DERML - Skin Care Partner

DermaFix is one of the most effective yet gentle cosmeceutical grade skin care ranges available. Based on science and nature, and over 40 years of extensive research, development and time proven product use.  These amazing products are very active and are designed to provide measureable, fast results for the gentle protection, correction and treatment of all skin concerns. The products have a particular focus on anti-aging and problematic skin.


DermaFix is kind to the environment, offering fully recyclable packaging, without excessive boxes and packaging. 

Stemming from Johannesburg, South Africa, DermaFix products are manufactured from the highest quality to address the concerns aging and protection of our vital telomeres. Active ingredients contained within the range include Retinoids, AHA's such as Mandelic Acid, Ceramides, Peptides, Copper, Tranexamic acid, Vitamin C, B & E to name a few. DermaFix focuses on concepts such as transdermal delivery, the microbiome, epigenetics and glycation


DermaFix will continue to grow by developing and delivering value through an effective and expanding product line which includes new and innovative technologies such as Stem Cells and Growth Factors, Telomere Protection, Liposome encapsulated Peptides, Advanced Natural Phytonutrients and Botanicals.

Skincare Products
Sheep in Open Fields

No Animal Testing

Paraben Free

Natural Cosmetics

No colourants or added fragrance

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