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"Experience Luxury Care at Our New Skin Clinic - You Won't Want to Leave After Your Treatment!"

POV - Arriving for your first treatment at DERML skin lab.

You park in the level (rare in the Hills) and spacious drive, then stroll down the covered entryway passing the glittering blue pool on your left and calming green foliage to the right. I welcome you inside and completely understand the need to stop for a minute and stare at the stunning 180 degree views of Perth laid out before you. I do it myself every time!

We turn to the left and step into the new luxurious skin clinic. The contemporary, understated color scheme uplifts, complemented by quality installations and the organic textures of stone, wood, and linen that permeate the space. High ceilings and the gentle cascade of golden sunlight through the full-length sheer curtains, with the azure blue of the pool in the background, combine to create an inviting and delightful atmosphere.

Settle into the consultation armchair, enjoying a cup of tea or a beauty collagen elixir. We will explore skin health, evaluate treatment options, and create a tailored plan including clinical treatments and home care. My focus will be on delivering a treatment that is effective and results-oriented, while also incorporating essential luxurious elements that promote a sense of well-being.

After your treatment concludes, positive energy flows and you are content knowing you have secured your next appointment to experience it again...although you drag your feet and leave the building very slowly!

See you soon

Bree x

beauty bed with windows and blue pool

skin clinic with beauty bed and consultation area

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