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Highly concentrated human growth factor serums derived from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells which are known to promote scarless healing in an antiinflammatory environment. Stand-alone use is beneficial and really amplifies your collagen response during microchanneling treatments! 


The PRO duo products are suitable for those under 40 who wish to maintain and grow new collagen and elastin stores to protect and reverse aging. Customers 40+ may consider the MD duo which doubles the growth factors and cytokines to repair significant aging and sun damage powerfully.


The Procell Skin Care System is a complete, well-rounded, and comprehensive portfolio of ingredients that the skin requires and can utilize to maintain its ability to repair protect, and defend the skin from everything that ages us. It is a simple to use, two-step, Serum and Accelerator combo that contains both water soluble actives and lipid soluble actives. We designed this system to be as simple as possible– two steps twice a day. Simplicity is what drives compliance, and compliance is what leads to beautiful, amazing, healthy results in skincare.


6 weeks supply of product

Procell PRO Serum Duo

Only 3 left in stock
    Hero ingredient is Stem Cytokines TM obtained from adult human bone marrow stem cell cultures. TM
    ○ Stem Cytokines applied to skin mimic the effect of having more stem cells (we lose most of them as we age so that by middle age only a few percent remain compared to our youth.
    o MD grade also contains recombinant TGF-B3 and IGF-1, two cytokines critical to reducing inflammation and promoting protein synthesis.
    o Other active ingredients prevent glycation, promote collagen production, restore barrier function, and act as powerful botanical antioxidants.
    ○ Accumulating clinical evidence shows significant reduction in downtime after ablative procedures such as chemical peel, dermabrasion, and laser resurfacing.

    O Contains Stem Cytokines™ -
    o Vitamins C, E, B5, and A (retinol) – all proven to be beneficial to aging skin o Plant isoflavones
    o Co-enzyme Q10 for cellular energy
    o Ceramide 2 for barrier repair
    o Botanical antioxidants
    o Grape seed extract, alpha lipoic acid - ingredients of proven benefit
    ○ Sodium hyaluronate 

  • All of Procell's products are scientifically advanced and highly effective in rejuvenating and improving the appearance of aging skin. They are formulated using only active ingredients with abundant scientific proof of efficacy and safety. Their hero ingredient is conditioned media from laboratory culture of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMi MSC.) From conception until death, these are the cells that function as “command and control” of the healing process in all injured tissues including the skin. BMi MSCs migrate from the bone marrow to all parts of the body via the blood stream, in similar fashion to red cells, white cells, and platelets. When they encounter injury, they function as “intelligent drug stores”, locally secreting cytokines and growth factors (bioi signals) that influence the behavior of other cells i.e. fibroblasts, white cells, melanocytes, etc. Their output of bioi signals is highly antii inflammatory. The population of these cells dramatically plummets throughout later life, leading to increased inflammation and less efficient healing. Advanced proprietary techniques are used to culture these cells in the laboratory in order to harvest their potent bioi signals. When applied to the skin, the effect is as if the body's clock was turned back to a younger period when more BMi MSCs existed. Only their biosignals are used in ProCell products. There are no cells or cell remnants. BM-MSCs are obtained from medically monitored, healthy young paid volunteers, and grown and processed in FDA regulated and compliant facilities

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