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The Perfect Home Care Routine

Healthy skin responds best to dermal therapies. Healing is optimised, results are boosted and last longer. Committing to a quality home care routine is a fantastic investment that pays off.

A holistic home care routine includes oral supplements, lifestyle, skin care products and practices.



1.       Hydrolysed marine collagen (amino acids)

2.       Glucosamine

3.       Multivitamin and multimineral including:

  • Vitamin A, C & E

  • Iron/Zinc

  • Copper/calcium

*1 & 2 are often found as a powder to mix with water.

Stay well hydrated - all the cells in your body will work better!

Diet - Increase intake of nutrient-dense foods & vegetables and minimise processed foods

Minimise UV exposure

Find an excellent sunscreen that you love and apply with reapplication at lunchtime as a minimum. We like tinted physical sunscreens as the tint offers additional protection and physical sunscreens are usually less irritating to the skin and microbiome than chemical. If you prefer a chemical sunscreen or are sweating, swimming etc then absolutely use that one as the sunscreen you enjoy and reapply is the winner!

Post-treatment it is strongly encouraged to avoid sun exposure for 28 days, to allow a full skin cell turnover cycle without sun damage.

Our top picks are:

  • Aspect Sun Tinted Physical SPF 50+

  • Dermatonics Mineral Facial Sunscreen SPF50 - Tinted

  • Ultraceuticals - Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturising SPF 30 Mineral

At home needling

It may be appropriate to stamp or roll daily at home with shallow cosmetic needling pins, followed by application of products. For the face, a max of 0.25mm depth and for the scalp 0.3mm, leave anything deeper to a professional. We’ll show you how to use this practice safely and effectively which increases absorption of topicals and can really aid in skin prep.  

At home topicals

A solid anti-aging skincare routine includes:

1.       Cleansing – however you like to do it! A gentle cleanser that removes all make-up, sunscreen and dirt while not stripping skin is perfect. Cleanse twice at night, use a flannel, whatever your preference.

2.       Serums and toners

Vitamin A or Bakuchiol (pm)

Stabilised Vitamin C (am)

Antioxidants (am)

Copper peptides (pm)

Growth factors (pm)

3.       Moisturiser – if you need it look for a nutrient dense moisturiser with EFAs, ceramides

4.       Suncreen 30+ physical (am & reapply)

Ingredients to Avoid

Where possible, it’s a good idea to avoid high doses or consistent use of ingredients which cause irritation, inflammation or harm over time. Use your discretion with:

·        Preservatives and Parabens

·        Surfactants ie Sodium Laureth Sulphate

·        Emolients ie Dimethicone, Mineral oil

·        Fragrance and Dyes

·        Low or Nano Weight hyaluronic acid

·        Frequent use of acids

·        UV filters such as Ozybenzone , Benzophenone

Book a skin chat now! Bring along a pic of your current skincare and supplements.

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